What’s Your Credit Score?

As Hip Hop/Rap grows and evolves various trends will come and go. Whether it be a style, a persona, marketing efforts, flows, or techniques everything has it’s time and it’s place. Fashion has always been part of the culture so from being fresh to def in the early years to today’s drip being influenced by your peers or those who have come before you is sometimes inevitable. It is obvious that the new generation is only doing what their favorite rapper, Lil Wayne, was doing. When Lil Wayne was at the height of his career as the self-proclaimed best rapper alive he was wearing leggings and skinny jeans and all of these young rappers that we see now were at that impressionable age. Again when these young rappers parents are probably young or they are the youngest of all their siblings who both were probably listening to Three 6 Mafia who was on top of the world in the nineties and early 2000s.

Future and Young Thug took to social media to let everyone know that they are the fathers of what you see young rappers doing today. Future’s tweets seemed personal and Young Thug’s video made him seem like he was a little bitter for whatever reason. To be honest Future was the beginning of the current wave we hear sonically in the world of Hip Hop/Rap. Even though he’s not a producer or a DJ he still capitalized on having his own sound when no one else was doing it. Migos came in almost immediately after almost simultaneously. Young Thug’s fashion choices are what The World Class Wrecking Crew, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and Andre 3000 did during their time on top. They knew they looked ridiculous and Andre always had a message to convey through his fashion decisions.

Within a group setting I’m sure there was some discourse about the wardrobe so I could imagine who solo artists have in their circle that sway them to wear clothing they normally wouldn’t wear simply because Young Thug did it or Lil Uzi does it. Again these young people haven’t reached the developmental levels of self-actualization where they are sure of who they are and what they can contribute so they can’t be swayed to do this or that. Future and Young Thug want people to give them their credit. Is it their ego or just a reminder? I mean give these young men their credit because with today’s fly by night acts you’re not a fixture in the culture if you don’t move the needle in any direction. What direction is your favorite rapper taking you? Are you willing to go in that direction? Dare to be different and you could move the culture in the direction you’re going instead. Lead rather than follow. Make a wave don’t jumping on one. Get your credit straight in the beginning so you don’t have to check it too often.

“Got that A1 credit, that’s that filet mignon.” – Lil Wayne (Love Me)

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