Where Do We Go From Here?

Nipsey Hussle has truly gone down in history as a great rapper, a great business, man, but more importantly a great man. Nipsey’s message to the world was consistent throughout his music, his interviews, and business moves. How many times will someone have to give us the game before we actually take them seriously and apply it to our daily lives? It’s easier to do wrong than it is to do right. It’s hard to hold yourself accountable when everyone around you is doing what they want to do. Nipsey never lived for today, he was always focused on tomorrow. Some of us can’t focus on anything for an hour because the mind isn’t disciplined enough. Nipsey fulfilled his purpose much like Tupac Shakur, whose soul-purpose was to set the bar for whoever was to come after him. Ermias took the baton and ran his leg of the marathon. Now, the marathon continues. Who will take it? How far will they run?

Where do we go from here? We’ve mourned as a community for almost two weeks and we’ll still be mourning as we move on with our lives. Nipsey’s mother was right about his energy being with all of us and we should use that energy to do the things that Nipsey spoke about. Invest in your community, give back, and don’t fold. Investing and giving back doesn’t mean that you have to stay in the “hood” all day every day. You can buy a building and not be there every day. You can give back without shaking hands or kissing babies. Donating money sounds good but everyone can’t do that. Start a grassroots organization or support another organization that’s already working in the community. Put your name on something if you have a big enough ego. Let me say this, a lot of the people who live in the ‘hood don’t go to city council meetings for a myriad of reasons including transportation. So, if you purchased a building, a lot, or some land who would know besides you and the city/county? If you respect Nipsey you will become a part of the solution and stop being the problem.

Unity was the core of Nipsey’s message, and he lived his life unifying opposing sides. You’ll never be able to go to The Marathon Clothing store without seeing candle lights. Nipsey was the light but, we have to keep it lit. Rain, wing, earthquake, hurricane, flood, or tornado it is our responsibility to keep this man’s memory alive. Not just his friends and family, us, the Hip Hop community. He wasn’t like these other Rappers which is why his passing struck a chord with your mother, your father, your aunt, and your grandmother. Those who weren’t familiar with his music are full blow fans now. Maybe one of those new fans will take the baton and finish running the race. It could be you. It could be me. Nobody knew what Nipsey would become but now that I’m looking back, I’m sure he knew what would become of him.

“This all I’m tryna do, hustle and motivate.” – Nipsey Hussle (Hussle & Motivate)

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