Where is the Hip Hop Community?

A community is defined as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. As we make attempts to bridge the generation gap between the last two or three generations of Hip Hop Culture and Rap music we have to develop a community where the younger generations feel safe and not belittled for their taste in music or lack thereof. We need to develop a real community within Hip Hop Culture without the industry politics being involved. Even drag queens have what they call drag “mothers” whom are experienced drag queens who acts as a mentor and guide inexperienced or younger drag queen. The LGBTQ community also has gay “mothers” and “fathers” that act as a mentor or elder to the younger homosexuals. These may be some hard to understand examples but that’s not the topic at hand we are discussing the lack of community within Hip Hop Culture. To some a community includes everything from schools, a hospital, policing agencies, grocery stores, a library, and everything in between. The community is self-sufficient and self-sustaining, is Rap music or Hip Hop Culture self-sustaining or self-sufficient?

Yes, an artist can be independent but the word “independent” has a new meaning in 2017. You don’t have to have a label deal you can just have a marketing deal and/or a distribution deal but to what degree is that “independent”? For a community to thrive we must buy the music and support the artist at their shows. In turn the artist will repay the fans buy investing in them through community and public service and donations to community organizations. Imagine if Puffy’s charter school was in the same neighborhood as Jay Z’s Barclay’s Center, with a bunch of barber shops owned by Killer Mike, and 2Chainz donates money to build a library. All the while Dr. Dre funded the local college or university. If the Wu Tang Clan put their money together they could establish a Dojo. Top it off with Slim Thug flipping houses for those in need. A Magic Johnson Starbucks and theatre next door to a Juice Bar owned by the L.O.X. Master P could even own the hospital! Now that is a community.

When are we really going to buy back the block? Nelly should not be the only artist paying college tuition for deserving youths in the community. Not all strippers are in college and not all of them finish college either so don’t give me that misogynistic rhetoric. Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water and if all the Rappers pooled their money together I’m sure they could get those pipes fixed. Without our priorities being on the same accord we can’t build. We cannot regain our empire if we do not build the community first. We cannot regain control of Rap music if we do not develop a sense of community first and we wonder why we have no political power.