White Boy Beef Pt2!

We’re going to hold on to this moment in time because we don’t know if we’ll see this again. Eminem and MGK have an active beef on wax folks. Eminem has responded to MGK’s Rap Devil with Kill Shot. MGK’s diss track was way more than we expected from the Bay Boy Entertainment artist and we have high expectations for an Eminem response. I’ll let you all decide whether or not you thought Em’s response to MGK was sufficient enough for the sake of the battle. There’s a line at the end where Em mentions Diddy and his involvement in the death of Tupac Shakur which was recognized just the day before the song dropped. Eminem doesn’t seem to be as out of touch as Kanye is because he is capitalizing on this moment by actually following through by battling MGK and doing an interview and chopping it up for YouTube. The interview was already biased even though we love Sway. Eminem buttered him up immediately by asking him to sign a vinyl copy of an early single In Control by Sway and King Tech. It clearly through Sway off because he says it does and all you see is Em “smizing.”

As the greatest white rapper of all time Eminem has a lot of critics. He may have had to grind it out in the underground but once he got to the mainstream they pushed him all the way to the top. It seems like Eminem is in real time adjusting to the new industry politics involving social media. Just like his alleged recent love interest, Ms. Minaj, Eminem is learning how to market his music within these new industry rules and they are both throwing tantrums which they do have the right to complain but now that he’s gotten that out of his system what are you going to do better for the next album release? Eminem can’t take the 50 Cent approach and diss someone every time he has something to promote. However, Eminem does have a lot of people who don’t like how he has been positioned in the world of Hip Hop Culture and Rap music. In just a few days Eminem has been called out by Jay Electronica and those who were close to Pac. Royce da 5’9” has thrown his name in the hat to support his homie in any rap battle!

This white rapper has a lot of beefs to eat but right now Em is kind of getting cooked. The Rap God is being kicked out of heaven like Gabriel. Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, and Dr. Dre did a good job of putting Eminem in a bubble but Dr. Dre and Paul aren’t as involved as they once were so the bubble bursts and he finally hearing what people really think of him. He had no idea how much was on his plate and there’s no way he’s going to eat it all. He’ll decide if he wants a Joe Budden sirloin steak, MGK roast beef, or some Lord Jamar beef ribs. No Yachty yams, no Tay Kay turnip greens, and no Yelawolf yellow corn. No sides I want Em and all the smoked…beef.

“I’m a white rapper, they always call me shady.” – Mac Miller (Brand Name)

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