White Boy Beef!

First, I was going to use this title regardless but I was going to focus on this “beef” between G-Eazy and MGK but the white Rap God has decided to come out from behind the music. Eminem, the “Rap God,” is back and he may or may not know what he’s doing at this point. Every white Rapper gets compared to the white rapper that came before him. The Beastie Boys are probably the most infamous white rappers from the early years of Hip Hop Culture. Since then we’ve seen a plethora of white emcees try their hand at the musical genre as a means of rebellion. Not all white Rappers are Vanilla Ice. Bubba Sparxxx, Paul Wall, Asher Roth, R.A. The Rugged Man, Lil Wyte, Hoodie Allen, a bunch more. They all served their purpose until Eminem came along and raised the bar (No pun intended). Recently the Illinois emcee released a “surprise” project titled Kamikaze. Given Em’s wordplay skills the title is self-explanatory and he continues to pay homage to Brooklyn’s Beastie Boys with the album art. The track getting the most streams right now is Fall as it takes aim at a lot of other Rappers both Black and white.

As a writer I love wordplay and lyrical miracles as they call it. However, I had no desire to listen to any one song from his last project. I liked Rap God a lot but I didn’t love it and I still haven’t listened to the newest project because of the hype. Judging from the reviews it’s a solid project but all people care about are the disses to Joe Budden, MGK, and I thought Drake but I was wrong. I’m not even sure if Eminem even acknowledged Yelawolf who has had qualms with Eminem and Shady Records for quite some time. Eminem hasn’t been the Eminem we fell in love with back in 1999. Is that why Dr. Dre left him at Interscope because he knew there was nothing left in the tank? That’s just thoughtful speculation. Marshall Mathers got caught out there on Instagram and next thing you know he’s dating Nicki Minaj. I guess he found out real quick that Nicki ain’t it anymore either. It sounds like a stunting troll to me. Eminem hasn’t been in the pop culture loop for who knows how long and these days, social media and popular culture go hand-in-hand.

Whatever Marshall has been doing all these years all we’ve seen is Hailie graduating from high school. MGK has been rocking the Rap N Rock crowds on the shoulders of Bad Boy Records for over five years now. Eminem is not going to win even though he may have the better bars. In 2018 bars aren’t winning beefs or battles…platforms are and you have to use it to your advantage. 50 Cent transitioned well and Joe Budden got respect off of his bars and steered that respect onto social media resulting in him having his own platform, The Joe Budden Podcast and a show on Diddy’s REVOLT television network. I hope this white boy beef goes on for a little while longer because it can become very entertaining if Eminem responds to MGK’s Rap Devil. I still want G-Eazy and MGK to keep their beef going. Let all the white rappers come out of retirement and out of the woodworks to take shots and Eminem. It’s starting to look like the Rap God may be a just a mere mortal after all.

“You never gon’ have waves, you’ll never know black pain.” – Ja Rule (Loose Change)

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