White Women & Rap

Over forty years ago Debbie Harry, better known as Blondie, rapped on a track titled Rapture and the rest is Hip Hop history. Rapture was the first so-called Rap song to air on MTV. Rap was now on its way to what we know it as today. It took a white woman to give our culture a voice. Or was it that nobody was going to take us serious unless we got the co-sign from Uncle Sam or Aunt Sandra? We know that the relationships between Blacks and whites in this country have deep roots that grew into something more; which is why society is what it is today. For years white women have not been trusted by our community and Hip Hop/Rap is no different. It’s hard to trust someone who will befriend you in the dark and shun you in the light. It’s hard to trust someone who has historically thrown us under the bus at every opportunity in order to protect themselves from the white man. Remember in “To Kill a Mockingbird” when Tom Robinson was on trial? Now, look at Bill Cosby and Tyga. Although neither Bill nor Tyga are innocent both are being perceived as guilty until proven innocent in the court of public opinion. They will befriend you in the dark and shun you in the light. For years white women have told their daughters that it was alright to have sex with a Black man but to bare his children would be disgraceful.

As always I want to reiterate that I am referencing some and not all, I don’t want to generalize. We can’t let just any white woman in the game. T.I. let Iggy Azalea in, I’m not sure who let Kreyshawn in, but I do respect those who were brought in by someone respectable in the game. Snow tha Product is associated with Tech N9ne and he’s been in the game for a good minute and his lyricism is impeccable. It’s not that T.I. isn’t great but since he brought in Iggy, he hasn’t given his own music too much effort it seems. People are quick to blame a beautiful strong black woman like Ciara for her beau’s career mistakes but won’t look at what’s really going on. Not to say that a white woman brought Future, Bow Wow, or Russell Wilson’s career but why blame her? Why blame a white woman? I’m not blaming white women for the stall in the current state of Rap music but just pointing out why we can’t risk the culture for them. We risked a lot with Eminem, he barely came out alive on the other side! A white woman would sell out quicker than a Black man or Black woman. Blondie is gone and we’ve barely had any white female rappers since then.

Iggy Azalea is probably the first mainstream white female rapper. Some folks get mad when you celebrate the first this and the first that but we need this documented so we don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future. Why do you think people dislike the Kardashians? Almost every white woman in North America is starting to look like them. White women jumped on the coattails of the Civil Rights Movement. Even at the Women’s Suffrage March in 1914 the organizers wanted Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (a predominantly Black sorority) to be at the end of the march. I’ll tell you what white women wait your turn for this Rap thing, coloreds only.

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