Words Cut Deep

I was going to write about this at least a week ago but the situation has been going on for some time now but as a mental health professional I feel slightly compelled. If you didn’t know Rapper, Troy Ave and Joey Bad A$$ have been going back and forth for months now as to who is the more “successful” “independent” Rapper. Things went a little deeper than Rap when Troy dropped BADA$$, a song dissing Joey and his homie Capital Steez who died in an apparent suicide in 2012. Troy Ave has shown no remorse for his rhymes calling Capital Steez all types of degrading names and shared his thoughts on suicide in general; calling Steez ignorant and weak for committing suicide. In a phone interview with the Sway in the Morning radio show Troy Ave went further to describe his feelings on Joey, Steez, and suicide. For those who battle with depression suicide is not joke. If you are experiencing bouts of depression or anger please seek a professional in your area or visit for resources.

Initially I thought it was good that the two were going back and forth via Rap and keeping it strictly about the bars. It was a real Rap battle going on in Hip Hop but it was so low key! Everybody knows that battle raps can get serious and cut the dopest emcee to his core and sometimes that just comes with the territory. You have to have a tough skin in the Rap game. After listening to the Troy Ave song how taken aback are you? There are so many components to this situation which is why all music is subjective. First, let’s understand that suicide is not okay in a lot of religions. It is in the Bible and the Bible says that we shouldn’t do a lot of things yet no sin is greater than another. People who are believers will tell you any day that those who commit suicide are going to hell as there is no place in heaven for people who have taken their own life, which is probably the greatest gift that God could give someone. So if that is Troy Ave’s perspective I can understand that but to go at someone who is deceased due to an unknown/undiagnosed mental health issue is low. He could have just kept going at Joey BADA$$ but he didn’t he involved the family and friends of Capital Steez.

If success is subjective how can you tell someone else that you’re more successful than they are? What if Joey is satisfied at the level he has reached? What if Troy wants to be on the same level as Joey? Why wouldn’t they come together on a track instead of going at each other? Those are some questions I need answered. What is being an independent artist in 2016? I kind of answered that in this week’s blog post as “underground” and “independent” seem synonymous in today’s music industry. Troy Ave better hope that he doesn’t burn bridges because he doesn’t know who else in the industry has lost a loved one to suicide and may feel the rhymes on the diss track are out of line. Chris Lighty, Tai Styles, and others in the game have lost their lives due to mental health concerns. Your mental health is based on how you handle a stressful situation and some people need help. You can never say never Troy Ave. You might kill your career with this one.

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