Group Think 2

We are living in a period of evolution. Evolution happens every day but the era we are currently living in has some major changes going into effect. As everything around humans evolves we are devolving as a species. There are more genders than nature has created, “men” are having babies, babies are being born in laboratories, hypoallergenic dogs, fake vegetables, and all that jazz. Social media has streamed our thoughts and the few people who share their honest opinions online have become leaders to those who may be slightly illiterate. Anyone who has a light bulb go off in their head or an opinion outside of the majority is ridiculed and broken down until their light is no more. Rap/Hip Hop music is not exempt…Azealia Banks is one of many examples. It is widely thought in the industry that Ms. Banks has a great deal of talent but her “attitude” is not very pleasant. I know a lot of you may have never heard of Ms. Banks while the rest of you may know her for her very judgmental and unsolicited opinion on the culture.

Radio, television, music, print media, and social media are different ways in which our society and many others that put limitations on our lives. For example, they tell us we have the freedom of speech but if you speak with ill will towards the POTUS you could go to prison. You can speak death upon anyone in this country except the President. Social media platforms push certain stories, posts, videos, ads, and photos to the forefront to redirect your attention. This is how your thoughts and ideas are limited and you remain docile posing no threat to the status quo. As for Mr. West, he believes that his work should be enough to get him into certain circles when in fact it takes more than money and influence and sometimes the only thing that is holding you back in this country is you. Whether it’s your skin tone or your stereotypical attitude they don’t have to give you a seat at the table. If they do it’s because they are probably planning to neutralize you, your money, and your influence. Both Kanye and Ms. Banks are consciously choosing to go against the majority in hopes that people would think that they are on another level of consciousness when in fact they just jumped the fence to join the opposition.

With all that these two are trying to say it is getting lost in translation. If you want to breakdown groupthinking you gain the respect of the members of the group! Azealia pushes the agenda and builds on the assumption of Black women not being able to get along, Black women always having an attitude, and she’s darkskin to boot! The words Kanye is using aren’t doing anything but fueling the fire of the crazy right-winged weirdos and the “well meaning” whites on the left. I didn’t not agree with Ms. Banks’ words on The Breakfast Club but her issue is with the powers that be not Ms. Alamanzar. Kanye West and Azealia Banks are seeking the approval of the very people that they are angry at for not giving them the spotlight they covet.

“I won’t promote a groupthink.” Jean Grae (Mask)

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