Your Own Worst Enemy

A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards and Troy Ave is a fool that doesn’t know he’s a fool. A couple of days ago Troy Ave released a new video for what I’m calling a diss track towards Taxstone. Guerilla podcaster, Taxstone is still in jail awaiting trial for his alleged role in a shooting at Irving Plaza in New York in 2016. The song titled 2 Legit 2 Quit is a cartoon depicting the events that occurred that night, Troy Ave testifying against Taxstone, and him cooking crack on a stove. Last time I checked nobody let alone any rapper is putting out any images or likeness of themselves cooking up crack to sell. Troy Ave is his own worst enemy and it keeps hurting his music career. We as fans are our own worst enemy at times. We complained about Jay Z being snubbed at the Grammy’s as if Kendrick Lamar didn’t deserve those wins. Both emcees were equally deserving of winning the award so why are we running our mouths?

Troy Ave is out here thinking that he’s the hottest rapper out and that’s a false statement. The audacity and the ego that is needed to spit subliminals about testifying in court. Sabotaging your own opportunity because you want to boast or protest doesn’t help the culture to move forward. We don’t take three steps forward just to take four steps back. Most rappers today don’t live the life they rap about so for Troy Ave to claim the streets so much he sure seems to be preparing to snitch in court. As someone who isn’t from “the streets” I condone snitching but not when you were in the mix during the crime.

Tory Ave is playing with people’s lives by taunting the defense team for Taxstone with this new song and video. I wonder what Troy Ave’s lawyers think about the new video. Is anyone advising Troy Ave? Troy is a great example of an artist who never had any media training. Troy Ave is playing this situation all wrong. Troy could’ve made himself look like the hero and gained fans off of sympathy for losing a close “friend”. I’ve never heard a tribute record or anything. Just a bunch of arguing and back and forth with the family of the deceased. Troy Ave has just been trolling the culture ever since 2016. Being interviewed by the Breakfast Club and his bad attempts at trying to liken himself to Tupac Shakur. Troy Ave seems lost, desperate, and afraid. Troy feels the need to testify for fear of being jailed or the possibility of violence. Don’t be your own worst enemy as it could have negative consequences that could out you in a bad position.

“All of the drama in my life I got myself into.” –Nas (My Worst Enemy)

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